Kangaro Stationery Set SS-T10M, Stapler, Remover, Punch, Tape, Staples

Kangaro Stationery Set SS-T10M, Stapler, Remover, Punch, Tape, Staples

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Stationery is always an essential when it comes to a workplace. This stationery set from Kangaro is here to cater to all your stationery needs. This trendy stationery set comes with the following products:

  1. Stapler - This high-quality stapler comes equipped with an easy load mechanism and has a capacity of 50 staples. It can staple up to 10 papers at a time and its rear end features a staple remover that can alter any wrong stapling any time.
  2. File Punch - This stationery set also consists of a file punch which has an 80 mm punching distance and a 5.5 mm diameter
  3. Staples - This stationery set also comes with 1000 staple pins
  4. Tape dispenser - Use tape the easy and smart way with the tape dispenser in this stationery set
  5. Staple remover - Additionally, this stationery set also comes with a staple remover that you can use to undo any incorrect stapling.
  • Item Weight 340 g
  • Units 5 Unit
  • Included Components 1 Stapler Machine, 1 Punch Machine, 500 pins, 1 Pin Remover, 1 Tape Dispenser
  • Product Name Stationary
  • Brand Kangaro
  • Model Number KASST10M-99
  • Colour Multi
  • Material Steel
  • Size Small

Staple Remover -

  • Place the outer jaw of the remover within the staple
  • Press both sides of the remover against each other
  • Press until the staple comes out
  • Lightly pull the staple out


  • Keep fingers away from the part where the staples are coming out
  • Keep staples, staplers and removers away from the reach of children

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