Bello Face Mask, 7-layer Protection, Reusable, Classic, Pack of 3

Bello Face Mask, 7-layer Protection, Reusable, Classic, Pack of 3

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What is in the air cannot be seen with a naked eye. Protect yourself and your loved ones against harmful germs, microbes, infections, viruses, and more with a reliable face mask like Bello. For superior protection, this face mask is equipped with 7 layers. The first layer of this face mask is a mesh layer for protection against coarse particles. The next 3 layers are made of Melt Blown Polypropylene, which helps this face mask filter more than 95% bacteria efficiently. The innermost layer of this face mask is equipped with patented SILVADUR️ technology for day-long anti-microbial, anti-odor activity. Besides, this face mask fits perfectly, thanks to the 5% lycra in its innermost layer.

  • Dimensions (LxBxH): 20 x 2 x 14 cm
  • Reusable / Washable
  • BFE >95% to provide reliable outdoor protection
  • Anti – Microbial & anti-odor
  • Ideal for Outdoor use
  • SILVADURTM anti-microbial technology
  • SITRA certified & ASTM Standard F-2101
  • SSMMS fabric is widely used in the hygiene industry. Our SITRA certification is for bacterial protection factor of more than 95% and particulate filtration of more than 98%
  • 7 Layer Protection with inner layer as fused 3 in layer
  • Further, the innermost layer is Cotton with 5% lycra with Silverdur technology – This layer is used to ensure anti-microbial activity as well as anti-odor on the face
  • Middle Layer comprising of : 3 Beams of Spunbond layers - 2 Beams of Melt Blown layers - Filters bacteria and small particles
  • This product is non-returnable
  • Hold ear string by your hands, facing the concave side, and ensure that the top line covers half your nose
  • Cover your nose, mouth & chin with the mask properly, pull the string over your ears
  • Adjust the bendable ‘nose conforming pin’ to avoid leakage and to ensure the perfect fit
  • Enjoy the SMOOTHSHIELD 7-Layer SILVADURTM Filtration System!

Instructions for Care:

  • Washable & Reusable mask
  • Wash before everyday use Gentle hand wash only (recommendation till 50 washes)
  • Change the mask if there is difficulty in breathing
  • Store the mask in a dry place
  • This mask is for individual use only and should not be shared. This mask is not for health care professionals / medical use

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